Our Mission

for you to achieve your goals at any level . Baddass Bodies by Sean provides an amazing community that is energy driven. The gym offers personal & group training so that you can experience a full body workout. The classes change everyday with HIIT, yoga, core, dance cardio, and agility training.

Not at your level? Don’t worry about it because it can be done at YOUR level! We are a family oriented community for women and children striving to achieve their goals.

Come experience the difference for yourself.

the first class is FREE!


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I'm a busy wife, mother of four and grandmother but I still make eating healthy and fitness a priority. From my days as a size double zero, 100 lb Baltimore City Police Officer to my years as a mother in a size 12, my weight and activity levels have fluctuated just like it has for many of you!

I've tried it all:

  • Diets

  • Pills

  • Shakes

  • Roller derby on-skate workouts

  • Exhausting gym workouts

All with little or no results to show for in the end.

I know that being active just isn't enough! Eating the right foods at the right time of day is just as important as the physical aspect. By making changes to my diet and sticking to a workout plan that challenged me, yet didn't discourage or deter, I was finally able to continue on my fitness and weight loss journey. Now I'm a healthy size 2 with more energy and stamina than ever before.

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 Private Training

For private instruction, contact Sean at 585.484.0640 or sean@baddassbodiesbysean.com


Don't have a gym membership or not a fan of the commercial gym atmosphere? Not sure you’re ready to jump into any of the weekly classes yet? A private block of instruction may be just what you need to jump start your fitness routine. Let me help you be successful.

Group Events


Need Sean to come to you? Sean will bring her class and equipment to any loction!


Trying to whip your wedding party into shape? Police, Fire, EMS, Nurses or other shift workers looking for somewhere to workout together before or after your shift? Work with Sean to schedule a one time or recurring private group class around your shift change times and get classes tailored for your group or organization.



936 Exchange Street
Rochester, NY, 14608

Directly off the Genessee Riverway Trail located Downtown by Southwedge and Univeristy of Rochester

Enter the parking lot off Flint Street in the back of the building to the left where you’ll find ample parking directly in front of the gym.

Restrooms and changing area are available

We are a kid-friendly gym!

We have a play area that includes games, Movies, and Free WiFi . So you Can watch your kids while you work out!